At The Alkemistry, we prioritize ethical sourcing and sustainable practices in everything we do, from design to the materials used in our thoughtful jewellery. Here's what goes into each unique piece:

18ct Recycled Gold: This reduces the environmental impact of mining new gold and ensures responsible sourcing practices. Recycled gold retains the same quality and beauty as newly mined gold, making it a sustainable and ethical choice.

Ethically Sourced Natural Diamonds: We understand the importance of ethical diamond sourcing. We use natural diamonds responsibly sourced through trusted suppliers who adhere to fair working conditions and responsible mining practices throughout the supply chain.


Owning a piece of fine jewellery transcends more than current trends - it's an investment in lasting quality materials that can appreciate in value over time. Compared to fast fashion jewellery, fine jewellery offers a more sustainable choice that can be passed through generations.

At The Alkemistry, we offer a deeper appreciation for fine jewellery. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted, not mass-produced, handcrafted by a team of women in London. We ensure the highest quality in every step, from sourcing materials to the finished piece. Owning a piece from The Alkemistry connects you with not only timeless beautiful jewellery but also with ethical practices and the empowerment of female craftswomen, making it an investment you can truly cherish.


Crafted from durable 18ct gold and natural diamonds, your Alkemistry piece is shower, gym, and sauna safe, requiring minimal care. However, for specific gemstone care, bear this in mind:

Pearls & Turquoise: Store them separately to prevent scratches. Use a soft, gold polishing cloth for cleaning and avoid harsh chemicals.

For all pieces:

Store in a soft pouch or jewellery box to minimise scratches.
Gently wipe with a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt or sweat.
Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures and harsh chemicals, such as chlorine, perfume, and cleaning products.


Finding the right jewellery size is crucial for both comfort and style. The Alkemistry offers a variety of resources to help you determine your ideal fit:

Ring Sizing:

Explore our ring size chart: This provides a quick reference for our available sizes.

Download our printable measuring tool: For a more personalized fit, download and print our easy-to-use measuring device and chart.

Alternative measurement method:

If you lack a printer, follow these steps:

a. Wrap a thin string or paper (less than 1.4 cm wide) around the base of your desired finger, marking the spot where it overlaps to form a complete circle.
b. Measure the distance from the starting point to the mark using a ruler.

c. Utilize the chart below to find your corresponding UK ring size.

Tips for accurate measurement:

Measure your finger towards the end of the day when it's slightly larger.
Ensure the ring sizer slides on and off comfortably over your knuckle.
Avoid measuring cold fingers, as they tend to be smaller.

Bracelet Sizing:

Explore our bracelet size chart: This chart displays our available bracelet sizes.
Printable ruler option: Download a 30cm ruler if you lack a fabric tape measure.

Necklace Sizing:

Measure using a string: Cut a string to your desired necklace length or hold a string at the preferred length.

Measure in inches and round: Lay the string flat and measure it with a ruler, rounding the value to the nearest offered necklace length for that specific


For best results, refer to our downloadable measuring tools or visit the Alkemistry, Selfridges for professional assistance.
Feel free to contact our customer service team if you have further questions regarding sizing.


Each Alkemistry pieces is backed by our warranty and return policy, for details visit our warranty information page.