The Alkemistry was created to bridge the gap in the UK jewellery market, the line between high end fine jewellery and silver plated fashion jewellery. The Alkemistry sought to bring together female designers from around the world who created beautiful fine jewellery made from 14ct gold or above, that was easy to wear for everyday expression.

In 2016 The Alkemistry launched its first pop up in Harvey Nichols, London and then Selfridges London, both turned into permanent locations. Eye-catching and unique apothecary carts became the brands signature and have lit up many cities nationally and globally with one staying permanently in the middle east at Galeries Lafeyette, Doha.

In 2018 the doors opened to a flagship store in Covent Garden’s, Floral Street. Floral Street was developed to offer customers an immersive brand experience offering a range of services from aura readings, welded jewellery to bespoke jewellery making.

The store was designed by Kirstie based on the four elements of alchemy, Water, Fire, Earth and Air. Laid out by the principles of feng shui it gives off a relaxing and flowing energy which is often remarked upon by customers. From arches of light to clouds of pampas, The Alkemistry at 22 Floral Street is one the most beautiful and unique jewellery stores in the UK.

With a creative and fresh approach to retail design alongside a global online presence, retailing through Farfetch, Ounass and, The Alkemistry gained industry recognition winning Fine Jewellery Retailer of the Year in 2021.

Whilst still a proud multi brand retailer supporting international female designers, it was realised that certain skills and innovation were missing in the UK’s jewellery industry. The Alkemistry set about changing this by creating its own brand with its own meaningful mission…