Making Magic

In 2021 we launched our own jewellery workshop in Oval, London and recruited a team of female apprentices with a wide range of skills and talents but with one thing in common, a love of creating beautiful things.

In our bright and fun workshop we create pieces that mix ancient techniques with modern technology made from precious materials that last lifetimes.

We started with 2, then 4 and now 6. Our growing team hand make beautiful items just for you..

We are passionate about the future of jewellery and
we believe our future is female!

TA Female Apprentice Meet the Team title

The sun in The Alkemistry workshop solar system, keeping everyone in orbit, Anna glides round with her box of components and production sheets. With eyes as sharp as our laser Anna will spot anything which doesn't meet our high level of quality standards. Her golden orange Aura matched with her Taurus sun sign, means Anna is the perfect mix of creativity, hard work and organisation, making sure she ticks off everything on that neatly written ‘to do’ list. Without Anna we could not have achieved so much in the past few years, starting our workshop from scratch, in between snacking Anna has researched and sourced every machine and supplier. When not being our super star production manager, Anna finds release in spin, weightlifting, good food and her cute but crazy cat Roo Roo.

When they say women have to wear many hats, they are talking about women like Emi and as a trained hat designer Emi’s life hats are rather cool. A dedicated wife and mother, Emi works between school drop off/pick up. In her limited spare time she enjoys watching Korean movies and advancing her knowledge of jewellery making as she wants to be the best and perfect her skills. Her favourite machine in the workshop is the laser as she finds it satisfying watching the gold weld together. Emi is honest and genuine like her Aries star sign and hammers to the beat of her own drum (or headphones). Never sitting still, Emi loves anything moving on wheels (skateboards, skates and bikes) and while skating in Hyde Park she met her future husband.

Our Anna G (we have a lot of Anna’s) her rainbow Aura matches her style, often sporting cool, colourful vintage finds. A true cancerian, Anna comes in, works hard and focuses on perfecting her craft, being her own QC critic . Anna thinks differently and comes up with unique ways of designing items often through the use of colour or technique. Our best selling duo mix Auric pieces were Anna’s design after playing with different concepts . Anna is always the last one out, using the quiet time at the end of the day to play with her ideas and keeping the office in order. Before The Alkemistry, Anna worked in several creative roles before just like the song from her favourite movie Romeo & Juliet, when she let her ‘young heart run free’ she found a career where she can fulfill her dream of being a designer.

Our resident ray of sunshine Emily exudes her Aura colours of Red/Orange in everything she does. Alongside making, Emily assists with design and content creation as her creative and intuitive nature is boosted by her Pisces sun sign. Prior to joining The Alkemistry, Emily designed dresses after completing a design degree at Cambridge School of Art. Passionate about advancing herself as well as the business, Emily loves to research better ways for us to improve the quality of our work and environment, from the shine on our gold to the setting of our drilled diamonds. With dreams of becoming an actress while younger, you could imagine Emily playing Audrey in her favourite movie Breakfast at Tiffanys, petite and elegant, but now Emily is happy and thriving having breakfast at The Alkemistry each morning.

Ah Tas (short for Tasmin) our helpful and humble Virgo! Jack of all (creative) trades, she radiates in her warm orange aura. If you need anything done, just ask Tas she will find a way and flash you her laid back ‘no problem’ smile. Tas loves to help new starters teaching them the quirks of The Alkemistry products and watching them flourish, just like her houseplant babies who she proudly nourishes and our office tree which she saved! A lover of inde movies and collecting vinyl, prior to The Alkemistry Tas studied interior design at Southampton Solent university. Her signature flowing handwriting can be seen throughout The Alkemistry from our office labels to our store window design, which resonates with her favourite collection to make, the Love Letter collection because she believes, like us, jewellery should be personal.

Like Molly, Leia is new to the team and divides her time between the office and store workshops, making magic right in front of your eyes, her favourite boy wizard Harry Potter would be proud! Leia enjoys making our Cinta bead collection, picking out and playing with the colorful semi precious gemstones. Having always dreamt of making beautiful things, Leia daydreams of a studio making jewellery or ceramics in Denmark where her family are from. Honest and kind like her blue aura resonates, Leia strives to make at least one stranger a day a little bit happier and if she was prime minister she would help vulnerable people giving them a chance of an equal and happy life. When not making jewellery or the world a better place, Leia enjoys dinner dates and sunshine with her boyfriend and friends.

New to our team, Molly divides her time between our office and store workshop where she brings our products to life for all to see. Though Molly has only been with us a few months she has fit right in, one of three Aries in the workshop (clearly Aries make good jewellers) Molly is creative and optimistic but with a more laid back vibe. Her favourite item to make so far is the double Auric bracelet as she finds it therapeutic and satisfying, though we personally love the super golden shine she has brought to our items, which matches her amber aura. When not creating, Molly is happiest when watching musicals on a rainy day surrounded by her crystal collection and house plants, while drinking cocktails.