Success is Where Preparation and Opportunity Meet


Welcome (almost) to 2016. At this time of the year, many of us are settling down to reflect on our next trip around the sun. The end of December is traditionally a time to look ahead with hope in our eyes and sit down with our new, crisp, leather bound notebooks to pen our intentions for the coming 12 months.

As we jump into the pool of opportunity that 2016 holds, we swim deeper still into the Age of Aquarius, becoming ever-more sensitive and connected to the greater energies of our universe.

To help prepare for this new mysterious year, we have curated some key planetary foresight’s to factor in, alongside personal development insights from life and brand coach Lucy Sheridan on how we can play big in the following 365 days.

Full Moon Dates

Every full moon is a powerful time for letting go what is no longer serving you. When the full moon lands in your personal moon sign, the energy of releasing and celebration of your emergence is at its most powerful for you. Find out what date the full moon lands in your moon sign below. (Not sure what your moon is? Click here to find out)

Leo – Full moon January 24th
Virgo – Full moon February 22nd
Libra – Full moon March 23rd
Scorpio – Full moon April 22nd
Sagittarius – Full moon May 21st, June 20th
Capricorn – Full moon July 19th
Aquarius – Full moon August 18th
Pisces – Full moon September 16th
Aries – Full moon October 16th
Taurus – Full moon November 14th
Gemini – Full moon December 14th

Four Mercury Retrogrades

Back-up all your back-ups! 2016 will see us going through four seasons of Mercury Retrograde, instead of the usual three. Mercury has planetary influences around areas of our lives such as communication, contracts and travel – all three of which can potentially go haywire during the Mercury Retrograde period. We’re talking flights being delayed, emails mysteriously getting lost and good old miscommunications. While on the surface, all this retrograde influence appears to be at the least an annoyance Mercury retrograde is actually a chance for us to slow down, reflect, and connect on a deeper level with yourself.

Be aware of the potential for communication and travel hitches around these dates:

January 5 – January 25th
April 28 – May 22nd
August 30 – September 22nd
December 19 – January 8th (2017)

How to set and stick to your Intentions:

The thing that often scuppers our best of intentions is the simple act of self sabotage called ‘forgetting’. It is only too easy to lose focus on what we’re striving for as the New Year fades and with it the motivating energy of the promised fresh start.

Thankfully we can put in place support for ourselves to help us stick to our intentions which include:

Choose a word or phrase to define your year – resolutions and goals can sometimes feel big and unwielding but breaking these down can make it easy to keep hold of our intentions. For example ‘Consolidation’ is a word that sums up your commitment to see through on the action that will help you achieve your goals and build foundations for your happiness and also hints that you won’t be distracted by gimmicks.

Get present – set reminders of intentions on your iPhone. For example if you want to have a more active life you could commit to signing up for a half marathon and then plot key timings in your diary  to help you actually hit the goal e.g. invest in a PT, make room for your training  in your busy diary.

An accountability buddy – share your goals and intentions with a friend and allow them to do the same. Set dates through the year to meet up and report on your progress with each other to keep you each on track. This can turbo charge your efforts to stick to your intentions.

Supporting Your Intentions

A wonderful way to align with the energies you are calling in for 2016, is through the support of gemstones. Those wanting to call more abundance into their lives can harness the power of citrine, yellow sapphire and emerald to help manifest that promotion, new car or sun-soaked holiday. If your focus for the year ahead is more on love (self-love or romantic), then heart-warming rose quartz, rubies and pink sapphires can lovingly support you on that quest.

Want to find out what gemstone is a match for your 2016 intentions? Choose in alignment with your goals by heading on over to our Intentions page.

May 2016 be filled with the blessings you wish to receive.






The Alkemistry x