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I’ve Kept This Secret for a Long Time. Now I’m Sharing It With You.

For the past few years I’ve been keeping a very precious secret — my dream of a luxury jewellery store with an alluring twist. And as the best dreams do, mine eventually grew into some very intensive and exciting planning. Finally, today’s the day that I pull back the curtains and share my secret dream with the world: The Alkemistry. 

Here’s what you should know:

It is my deepest wish that every person who comes into contact with The Alkemistry walks away feeling better for it. I created it as a place for curious women with a love of luxury to come and find original, wearable jewellery that enhances their beauty inside and out.

It’s a jewellery store, not a museum

There’s nothing I hate more than walking into a jewellery store that’s pretending to be a museum. You know, the ones where you walk in and the store is very quiet, there are people in dark suits standing around the edges of the room watching you as you peek into a few cases, and after about two minutes it all becomes so uncomfortable that you just want to leave.

To me, that’s not what luxury jewellery is about. Choosing jewellery should be fun, personal, and interesting — not stuffy or stressful!

Our method

At The Alkemistry, we know that gemstones aren’t just rocks. Like everything in the universe — including you — they have a unique vibrational energy, which creates a variety of effects.

Likewise, you know that jewellery isn’t just jewellery. You know how you feel when you’re wearing your “first date” earrings or that ring that’s been passed down to you from your great grandmother. It’s a reminder, a touchstone to connect you with a feeling and a memory.

With this in mind, we use the esoteric sciences of numerology and astrology to match you with those pieces that will most enhance and empower you. Numerology was originally taught by the Greek mathematician Pythagoras, who believed that everything in the world has an essence that can be related to a number. We determine life number, which sums up who you are, as well as your year number, which tells you where you are in one of life’s nine year cycles. Additionally, we recommend products that are based on the position of the stars at the time of your birth, which is more accurate than the traditional birthstone method.

Not just any designer will do…

As you can imagine, this means that we are extremely picky about the designers and pieces that we feature.

We know that you can go to a lot of different places to buy fine jewellery — London’s certainly not short on luxury goods! But it’s surprisingly hard to find gorgeous top-shelf jewellery that is striking enough to stand out but wearable enough for every day, and even harder to find jewellery that is made to be luxurious but still have an eye towards the soul.

Any designer we work with will create feminine, original, and wearable work, because we only want to give you the exquisitely high quality you want, the beauty you love, and the spiritual side you so often miss out on in daily life.

So have a look around and find that perfect piece you’ve been searching for — or take our quiz and see what the stars have planned for you!