In 2021 The Alkemisty launched a jewellery workshop in Oval, London and recruited a team of female apprentices with a wide range of skills and talents but with one thing in common, a love of creating beautiful things. 

Finding and developing young passionate women with either a foundation knowledge in jewellery making or design, and investing in them, gives the brand the positive energy and attention to detail we need.

Our bright and innovative workshop utilizes the latest technology in jewellery production to ensure a clean and healthy environment while developing knowledge for the future. 

Innovation and knowledge sit alongside sustainability with each piece made-to-order to avoid unnecessary waste. Aside from the store stock, all online orders are made on the day they are placed. 

 With all items made from 18ct fair trade or recycled gold and diamonds supplied by  members of the RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) we ensure ethical and conflict free sourcing.

Working with precious materials means any slow selling styles are never discounted or written off, the piece is simply re-modelled into something new. 

We started with 2, then 4, then 6 and now 8. Our growing team hand make beautiful items just for you.  

We are passionate about the future of jewellery, and we believe that our future is female!