We're all about elevating your jewellery experience and this one will stay with you always. Inspired by the powerful bonds within the beehive, our Hive collection celebrates female strength. We've used innovative technology to develop a concept that allows you to create your own personalised necklace, bracelet, anklet or ring and wear it forever.

Simply choose your preferred honeycomb chain and we'll measure it to fit you perfectly. Once the design is complete, our skilled jeweller will laser weld your bespoke Hive piece directly around your neck, wrist, ankle or finger, meaning no clasp is necessary.

This magical piece will forever celebrate your unique identity and your connection to the women around you, with £5 of every sale going to Women for Women.

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Everlasting and made bespoke for you, just as jewellery should be! The Alkemistry invites you to create your own unique piece which is measure precisely to fit then laser welded on with no catch.

Choose between three gold colours, yellow, white and rose, and two chain thicknesses. All chains are exclusively 18ct gold.

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