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Thursday 20 October 2016


London & Manchester (Concession in Luxury Department Store)


Full & part time roles available from 21 November 2016 to 16 January 2017


£8-11 per hour depending on experience.

Engravable jewellery

The Alkemistry is a new and growing luxury jewellery brand that focuses on meaningful and inspiring luxury jewellery.

We combine unique personalisation methods, alongside stunning, timeless jewellery made from gold and precious gemstones. Our prices range from £200 to £2,000 making our pieces an inviting purchase, whether for yourself or as a gift.

Our range is exclusively curated from international female designers, which sit alongside our own customisable collection. The Alkemistry’s own collection is handmade in London, enabling us to offer our customers a quick, efficient and bespoke jewellery service.

The Alkemistry can currently be found in Harvey Nichols (Knightsbridge) and online at

The Role

We are looking for two special people to join our team over the exciting Christmas period (one full-time, one part-time). You will work as part of a small team as an ambassador for The Alkemistry, ensuring that we deliver to our customers a high quality of service that fits our beautiful products. The role will be a mix of offering a great customer service experience and maximising sales opportunities as well as helping managing the logistics of customer orders with our workshop and engravers.

You will:

  • Have sales experience, preferably in luxury jewellery
  • Ability to engrave not essential but would be a big plus
  • Be committed to delivering customer service of the highest possible standard
  • Be aligned with and inspired by the aims of The Alkemistry
  • Be confident, punctual, positive and reliable
  • Have excellent spoken English, with strong communication skills
  • Be a team-player but confident enough to work alone and use your initiative
  • Be flexible with shift patterns and willing to run short errands to arrange personalisation for our customers

Please send your CV and covering letter explaining whether you are applying for the full or part time role and why you would be perfect for us to:

[Deadline for applications: 5 November 2016, interviews w/c 7 November

Friday 17 June 2016

Harvey Nichols x The Alkemistry

The Alkemistry is excited to announce our new ‘shop in shop’,

in iconic British department store Harvey Nichols!

alkemistry harvey nichols pop up

Coming off the back of our successful online store collaboration – The Alkemistry and Harvey Nichols have partnered together again, to bring the full Alkemistry experience to customers at their flagship Knightsbridge store.

Up on the 4th Floor of this stylish department store, you will find The Alkemistry’s captivating retail concept – designed to invoke magical feelings of days gone by but with a modern and luxurious twist.


Modern and luxurious carts adorned with butterflies



Showcased within the copper and marble apothecary carts, you will discover our expertly curated fine jewellery from our guest designers Kismet by Milka, Dana Rebecca and Nada G, as well as exclusive direct-from-LA brands LA Carbon & Hyde and Sara Weinstock.  All this displayed alongside our own bespoke and meaningful collections.  


Nada G’s showcase looking beautiful


Come visit us and enjoy our unique personalisation station. Here you can pick out your initials, engrave a meaningful message or have your unique cosmic blueprint embodied in a piece. So whether is a name, meaning or a mantra – we have the personalised piece for you.


Our personalisation station


Open April – October 2016

The Alkemistry Pop Up Store

4th Floor / Harvey Nichols

109 – 125 Knightsbridge

London SW1X 7RG



Tuesday 1 March 2016

‘Lucky is in each detail’ – Hubert de Givenchy


The Alkemistry is proud to announce our newly launched collaboration with iconic British department store Harvey Nichols.

Harvey Nichols has supplied luxury goods to the British public from their flagship Knightsbridge store since 1831, and will now be stocking through their online store, a highly-personalised jewellery selection offered by The Alkemistry.

This jewellery selection has been lovingly curated from our exclusive brand list, including designers Kismet by Milka, Meira T, Dana Rebecca, Nada G and Redline.

Learn more about our designers now launching at Harvey Nichols below:


Dana Rebecca

Founded in Chicago in 2007, Dana’s romantic and easy to wear designs are a reflection of her own personal style as well as inspiration from special women in her life. Dana’s luxurious and sophisticated pieces are a favourite of Jennifer Lawrence, Mila Kunis, Jennifer Lopez, and Gwen Stefani among many others.

Dana Rebecca Rose Gold Hoops
Dana Rebecca 14ct Rose Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings £350.00

Discover more Dana Rebecca jewellery at Harvey Nichols


Meira T

New York based Meira uses a vast array of beautiful and bright gems in her designs, with every stone expertly sliced to enhance and expose nature’s perfect imperfections. These natural beauties, along with her trademark off-centre charms, have developed a cult following of celebrities and influencers around the globe.

Meira T 14ct Rose Gold Druzy Diamond Bracelet £750.00

Discover more Meira T jewellery at Harvey Nichols 


Kismet by Milka

Established in Istanbul in 2010, Milka’s journey, just like her jewellery, is eye-catching. After listening to her inner voice, Milka left her job in advertising to follow her true passion. Just like the name says, it was kismet. Within just five years, Kismet by Milka became an international success, worn by Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz, and Madonna to name but a few.

Kismet by Milka 14ct Rose Gold Black Diamond Moon Necklace £950.00

Discover more  Kismet by Milka jewellery at Harvey Nichols


Nada G

Based in Lebanon, Nada performs an alchemy of her own by combining craftsmanship and beauty in equal parts, to create timeless fine jewellery pieces with an edge. Nada has an unwavering, almost sacred passion for femininity — all of her pieces are truly labours of love, that celebrate women for their truest selves.

Nada G 18ct Yellow Gold Blue Diamond Eye Ring £495.00

 Discover more Nada G jewellery at Harvey Nichols



Since the brand’s creation in Paris in 2004, Redline has gained international recognition, as well as a strong celebrity following. Designer Letitia took the concept of a delicate silk thread and combined it with an everlasting diamond. Each piece of Redline jewellery is an everyday reminder that when we feel fragile, it is important to remember that life is precious.

Redline 18ct Yellow Gold Purple Thread Diamond Bracelet £350.00

Discover more Redline jewellery at Harvey Nichols


Purchasing from our exclusive brand list through Harvey Nichols online store comes with the added bonus of free returns in the UK, ability to collect your order in-store and – if you are a Harvey Nichols rewards customer you can gain rewards points on jewellery purchases made.







The Alkemistry x

Tuesday 26 January 2016

Aligning with Abundance in 2016 with Financial Freedom Expert Kate Northrup

Ah January. As the first month of 2016 comes to a close, we have spent a lot of time huddled inside, thinking about what we would like to achieve in the coming 12 months.

For many of us, setting the intention to be financially free is a no brainer. Calling in more money and aligning with abundance in 2016 sounds pretty attractive to almost everyone. 

At The Alkemistry we are all about aligning to the energies that are going to support us in fulfilling our intentions. So who better to team up with than the leading  financial freedom expert and Hay House Author Kate Northrup, to share her wisdom on how to achieve our money intentions for 2016.



Kate knows a thing or two about having the intention of financial freedom at the top of the list for your new years resolutions. In her mid twenties she found herself in a situation of being burdened with $20,000 of credit card debt. Through new money habits and a different perspective on value, Kate cleared herself from the debt and created financial freedom for herself, sharing her story in her book Money, a Love Story: Untangle Your Financial Woes and Create the Life You Really Want.  Kate’s philosophy is that if you free yourself financially, you can be fully present to fulfill your purpose on the planet – which goes much deeper than simply counting the pennies coming in and out.

The Alkemistry were so honoured to speak with Kate about how and why we should make financial freedom one of our 2016 intentions.


Why is it so important for people to get their financial lives in order in 2016? 


K – It’s important to get your financial life in order so that you can decrease your stress and be more present with the people you care about, with the projects you care about, and with yourself. When you’re stressed about money and there’s chaos in your financial life, you can’t really make a life. Instead you’re wasting your energetic bandwidth on the chaos. But when you get your financial life in order, you can focus on making a life, not just a living.


What does making a life, not just a living mean to you?


K – It means knowing what matters to you and making sure that you’re focused on filling your life with what matters rather than focusing only on working more hours and working harder to make more money. It’s about focusing on what you’re wanting your life to look and feel like, not just thinking about getting ahead. It’s about quality over quantity.


Because we’re obsessed with what’s written in the stars here at The Alkemistry, we did a personalised reading for Kate to find out how the cosmos has influenced her work, and what’s in store for this author and new mum in 2016.


Kate Northrup’s Reading


Astrological Star Sign : Aries  As a professional freedom seeker and having spent the better part of 2011 on a road trip called “The Freedom Tour,” exploring and teaching financial freedom as an inroad to emotional and spiritual freedom – we’d say Kate is definitely a typically courageous Aries!  To enhance this natural no-fear attitude, we recommend Kate wears Garnet or Ruby to draw on it’s ambitious and courageous energy. Kate has comrades in courage in fellow Aries women Lady Gaga and Maya Angelou.


Astrological Moon Sign : Gemini – Being an author and in-demand speaker is no surprise with Kate being a Gemini moon sign. Gemini moons have a quick, witty and restless mind alongside great communication skills making them excellent and engaging teachers in both word and spoken form. Other Gemini Moon sign women include Academy Award Winning actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Gwyneth Paltrow.


The Orion Collection is made bespoke to each person’s astrological alignment. Kate’s unique design has a Garnet centre stone which is perfectly attuned to her Aries personality, with a diamond set in the constellation of Gemini, the position of the moon to the earth when she was born.  

Numerology Life Number : 9 Humanitarian – A true Humanitarian archetype, Kate Northrup is out to save the world – through helping us find financial freedom, one cash-strapped woman at a time. She’s courageous, kind, open-minded, and helpful. She like to be her own boss, and is happiest when she’s got a cause to back that entails compassion and service to others. Kate is in good company with the likes of Gandhi, Mother Teresa also following the same life path. We recommend Kate embarks on her heart led journey wearing positivity emitting Druzy.

Meira T Jewellery druzy bracelet

Meira T Druzy Bracelet 

Numerology Year Number for 2016 : Year 6 – After all the changes of year five in your nine-year cycle (hello new baby!!), it’s time for Kate to experience some peace and harmony. This year cycle is great for partnerships, both in love and in business (or love and business, with Kate’s dashing husband Mike being her romantic and business partner). It will be a year of adjusting to the new roles that Kate’s taken on in year five, but also important to take some time to nurture herself and create a beautiful atmosphere in her home. We recommend Kate partners with compassionate energy to guide her through these changes with heart soothing Pink Sapphire .

Dana Rebecca Necklaces

Dana Rebecca Pink Sapphire Necklace

Kate – what did you think about what the stars have written out for you?


K – This reading is so spot on! My Life Path number really resonates as my mission in business is truly to inspire women (and the men who love them) to create ultimate freedom in their lives, financial and otherwise. I see this as a humanitarian mission because when we know our value and translate that into having resources, we can create the lives we want and a better world. And my Year Number is on point too. I’ve just become a new mother and at the beginning of 2016 I’m really settling into this new identity. Yay for reaping the harvest of my work over the years! Thank you for these insights – really helpful and accurate!


We’d love to know what are you most excited about for 2016?


K – I’m most excited about fully enjoying the quality of life, rather than trying to accumulate a quantity of things. Slowing down, savoring the moment, being present. Becoming a new mom has helped me to re-prioritize and know what’s truly important. The last 5 years have been a whirlwind of changes…leaving NYC, living on the road for 10 months, meeting Mike and creating a romantic and business partnership with him, restructuring our business, moving to Maine and then moving 3 times since we got here, getting married, and then having a baby! Writing that all out really makes me realize how intense it’s been! I’m very much looking forward to a calmer, more grounded year where investing in my home life is truly the focus. This is what I’ve always dreamed of and it’s why I set out to create financial freedom to begin with.


If you want to find out more about Kate’s work check out her awesome book Money: A Love Story and visit her website You can also join her free #moneylovechallenge on social media, to get started with aligning with the energy of abundance in 2016.






The Alkemistry x

Tuesday 19 January 2016

We talk Talismans Jewellery with the Numinous Community

NUMINOUS-2 is a mecca for us modern girls living in this mystical world. Founded by Ruby Warrington, a British lifestyle writer and former features writer on the Sunday Time Style magazine, The Numinous is a magical place where Celine shoes and the Celestine Prophecy can co-exist.

This month we shared with the Numi community why we love meaningful and powerful Talismanic jewellery. Check out the full article on The Numinous – High vibe jewellery.


Several years ago, in my role as jewelry buyer for Harrods department store in London, I was introduced to the idea of worn treasures being used for a higher purpose and energetic attraction.

It was around this time a friend gave me a symbolic ring and told me confidently it would bring me love. Having just come through a challenging personal period, I thought ‘why not give it a try?’ and wore the ring every day.

The year that followed was filled with bad dates and disappointments, but what never failed was my deep belief that when the time was right I would find love, because every morning when I slipped that ring on, it uplifted me and gave me new hope. I realized this was my modern day, rose gold and white diamond talisman.

By definition, a talisman is a physical object that is thought to possess certain magical properties and can provide positive and protective energy to the person who wears it. They are generally made of crystals and gemstones, and commonly worn as a necklace or other piece of jewelry.

Throughout history it was the role of the alchemists, shamans, witches and priests to create and provide these magical objects. Talismans ranged in value, material and craftsmanship, but were worn to protect against violence, illness and bad luck – the sorts of human problems that are still rife and troubling to this day.

And so it’s fair to say that talismans are still needed and embraced in our modern society. In fact, in our world of over-stimulation I believe it’s even more important that we awakening women stay tuned in to our own purpose and carry a personal, sacred object of our choosing.

Everyone from Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Heidi Klum and Rhianna have been spotted wearing the Hand of Fatima/Hamsa – an ancient symbol of luck and protection – so it seems that even these seemingly blessed individuals are still looking for an extra bit of magic in their lives.


And as more and more of us remember who we are and return to a spiritual way of living, we want to celebrate and support our commitment to this connection. When a woman wears her own talisman she charges herself with the energy of what she wants to attract and/or harness, be that protection, a successful Tinder date or a flow of creative ideas in her work life.

And while our core values and fears may not have changed much in thousands of years, our style certainly has. Recognizing this, is a new breed of jewelry designers are creating beautiful and meaningful pieces to take you from the juice bar to dancing on tables.

This was the inspiration behind my brand, The Alkemistry. Recognizing the desire among spiritually minded women for meaningful objects, I created a powerful online tool that harnesses the power of astrology and numerology to match-make women with the finest gemstone jewelry.

It is my hope and wish that all women can find the right talisman to help them manifest their desired intentions, just like the ring I wore for love. It might have taken a year, but once I slowed down, took a step back from dating and allowed myself to just receive, eventually love found me.



Tuesday 19 January 2016

Success is Where Preparation and Opportunity Meet


Welcome (almost) to 2016. At this time of the year, many of us are settling down to reflect on our next trip around the sun. The end of December is traditionally a time to look ahead with hope in our eyes and sit down with our new, crisp, leather bound notebooks to pen our intentions for the coming 12 months.

As we jump into the pool of opportunity that 2016 holds, we swim deeper still into the Age of Aquarius, becoming ever-more sensitive and connected to the greater energies of our universe.

To help prepare for this new mysterious year, we have curated some key planetary foresight’s to factor in, alongside personal development insights from life and brand coach Lucy Sheridan on how we can play big in the following 365 days.

Full Moon Dates

Every full moon is a powerful time for letting go what is no longer serving you. When the full moon lands in your personal moon sign, the energy of releasing and celebration of your emergence is at its most powerful for you. Find out what date the full moon lands in your moon sign below. (Not sure what your moon is? Click here to find out)

Leo – Full moon January 24th
Virgo – Full moon February 22nd
Libra – Full moon March 23rd
Scorpio – Full moon April 22nd
Sagittarius – Full moon May 21st, June 20th
Capricorn – Full moon July 19th
Aquarius – Full moon August 18th
Pisces – Full moon September 16th
Aries – Full moon October 16th
Taurus – Full moon November 14th
Gemini – Full moon December 14th

Four Mercury Retrogrades

Back-up all your back-ups! 2016 will see us going through four seasons of Mercury Retrograde, instead of the usual three. Mercury has planetary influences around areas of our lives such as communication, contracts and travel – all three of which can potentially go haywire during the Mercury Retrograde period. We’re talking flights being delayed, emails mysteriously getting lost and good old miscommunications. While on the surface, all this retrograde influence appears to be at the least an annoyance Mercury retrograde is actually a chance for us to slow down, reflect, and connect on a deeper level with yourself.

Be aware of the potential for communication and travel hitches around these dates:

January 5 – January 25th
April 28 – May 22nd
August 30 – September 22nd
December 19 – January 8th (2017)

How to set and stick to your Intentions:

The thing that often scuppers our best of intentions is the simple act of self sabotage called ‘forgetting’. It is only too easy to lose focus on what we’re striving for as the New Year fades and with it the motivating energy of the promised fresh start.

Thankfully we can put in place support for ourselves to help us stick to our intentions which include:

Choose a word or phrase to define your year – resolutions and goals can sometimes feel big and unwielding but breaking these down can make it easy to keep hold of our intentions. For example ‘Consolidation’ is a word that sums up your commitment to see through on the action that will help you achieve your goals and build foundations for your happiness and also hints that you won’t be distracted by gimmicks.

Get present – set reminders of intentions on your iPhone. For example if you want to have a more active life you could commit to signing up for a half marathon and then plot key timings in your diary  to help you actually hit the goal e.g. invest in a PT, make room for your training  in your busy diary.

An accountability buddy – share your goals and intentions with a friend and allow them to do the same. Set dates through the year to meet up and report on your progress with each other to keep you each on track. This can turbo charge your efforts to stick to your intentions.

Supporting Your Intentions

A wonderful way to align with the energies you are calling in for 2016, is through the support of gemstones. Those wanting to call more abundance into their lives can harness the power of citrine, yellow sapphire and emerald to help manifest that promotion, new car or sun-soaked holiday. If your focus for the year ahead is more on love (self-love or romantic), then heart-warming rose quartz, rubies and pink sapphires can lovingly support you on that quest.

Want to find out what gemstone is a match for your 2016 intentions? Choose in alignment with your goals by heading on over to our Intentions page.

May 2016 be filled with the blessings you wish to receive.






The Alkemistry x

Friday 13 November 2015

LUCKY FOR SOME – Embracing Friday the 13th

The most widely held superstition in our modern Western society is called paraskevidekatriaphobia more commonly known as a fear of Friday the 13th. This date is considered to the unluckiest day of the year by many, and even otherwise self-proclaimed rational people refuse to buy a car, get married or have an operation on this day – because why risk it?


The origins of the inherent unluckiness of this date are a little bit murky. In The Bible some pretty bad stuff happened on Fridays (Adam and Eve being rejected from the Garden of Eden, the Great Flood, Jesus’s crucifixion). It also throws shade at the number 13, with the traitor Judas being the 13th guest at the Last Supper. Christianity has also long associated the number 13 with witches, the number of which are required to form a coven. Even Hollywood helped to perpetuate the myth with the movie Friday the 13th, showing us that on this particular day we should lock our doors and hide away from the world, because bad things are bound to happen. So we can see how the apparent unluckiness of Friday and the 13th combined, and the resulting superstition, could have come about.


But it wasn’t always this way. Infact both Friday and the number 13 were considered lucky by ancient cultures.


Friday is the only day of the week named after a goddess (Freyja/Frigg), who was associated with fertility. This day is also associated with Venus, the goddess of love. So Friday was all about the goddess, feminity, fertility and was actually considered a lucky day because of it!


The number 13 was considered to be sacred too. The ancient cultures who looked to the stars for guidance believed there were 13 planets and 13 constellations. The moon also goes through 13 cycles in a year (This lunar connection also ties the number 13 with femininity – which the moon represents). In Chinese and Egyptian cultures 13 was considered the lucky number. Even in our modern times the number 13 isn’t always considered unlucky.

Taylor B&W

Infact, ultimate girl squad leader Taylor Swift considers it to be an extremely fortuitous number. Asides from being born on the 13th, her first album went gold in 13 weeks, her first #1 song had a 13-second intro, every time she’s won an award she’s been seated in either the 13th seat, the 13th row, the 13th section or row M, which is the 13th letter. Basically she see’s the number as a good omen.

So of course Friday the 13th is a date that strikes fear into the hearts of men. This is a doubly feminine day! Girl power to the max. Instead of living in fear of this date, let’s embrace it’s true meaning. Let’s drop the superstitions and break out the bubbles to celebrate and honour our femininity on this double goddessy power day.

Here are our top five tips on how to survive (and thrive!) on Friday the 13th:

1 – Embrace your divine feminine and embody the goddess energy of Venus by wearing Pink Quartz, Pink Sapphire or Pink Opal . These are stones of unconditional love both for yourself and others, it reduces anxiety and increases your self esteem.

2 – Call upon the lunar magic that is deeply interwoven into this day. Connected to both the feminine and the number 13, moon energy is front and center on Friday the 13th. Honour your feminine side by completing a personalised reading to learn what your moon sign is.

3 – Haters gonna hate on Friday the 13th, but we’re gonna shake it off! Celebrate all that is great about the number 13 with a Taylor Swift dance party with your favourite goddesses.

4 – Harness all that is female and glorious about this day and get in touch with your feminine source by reading Code Red by Lisa Lister.

5 – Lucky for some! Turn your luck around by entering our competition to win your very own lunar inspired Orion piece! Head on over to our Instagram, repost the image tagging @thealkemistry and using the hashtag #fridaythe13th for your chance to win!


Moon Pendant Rose Gold Moonstone

Win your very own handmade Orion piece! The centre stone draws upon the power of your sun sign, while the outer brilliant-cut diamond is positioned as the moon was on the day of your birth. 

Thursday 6 August 2015

Having a Gemologue with Liza Urla

Liza Ulra gemologue

Here at the Alkemistry we love to explore, inspire and excite, not just through our amazing selection of jewellery, but through our relationships with inspirational individuals in the industry.

Liza Urla is a jewellery writer, stylist, creative muse and the brains behind the award winning blog .In between travelling the world consulting on fine jewellery, art directing editorials and working as a contributor for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, she had time to sit down with us and talk through her favourite Alkemistry pieces. .

Liza, you are a life number 7 (The Thinker), someone who contemplates everything in life. What is taking up your thoughts at present in your life?

I am a born thinker, so I try hard not to overthink and live day by day. My head is always filled with thoughts about discovering jewellery so that takes me on different journeys every day.

Based on The Alkemistry reading, which piece resonates with you the most and why?

I love to awaken my intuition and develop my spiritual side, so striking blue sapphires we’re a perfect choice. I already own some pieces that incorporate this precious stone, therefore this reading has confirmed my choice of jewels according to numerology and astrology as the means to enhance and empower me. Sapphire and white gold pieces by Meira T are the epitome of both my perfect combination in jewellery style and astrology readings.

Which item in your personal jewellery collection has the most sentiment and why? 

Two rings of exact same design but set with Tahitian pearls of different sizes. When I was in Florence with my parents for their 20th anniversary, my father and mother went looking for gifts for each other separately. When they returned to the hotel in the evening, it transpired that both of them bought almost identical rings from the same jeweller – only the pearls were slightly different in size. My mother bought a smaller ring for herself, and my father bought a larger ring for her. Just to think – there are millions of jewels up for sale in Florence!

What’s your favourite Alkemistry brand and why?

Meira T. I am currently the face of the brand! The pieces are delicate, beautifully crafted and so versatile that they can be worn every day, either at a cocktail party or on the beach.

Liza’s top 5 picks – 

Didi FB CF 2Meira T Blue sapphire jewellery for confidenceRedline diamond illusion bracelet black thread and white gold Nada G Jewellery triple finger ringDana Rebecca Blue sapphire white gold necklace

Friday 24 April 2015

And Jump……


One year ago it all changed for me, I decided to walk away from it all.

I was the buyer of luxury jewellery at Harrods —my job included travelling around the world meeting jewellery designers, going to fashion shows, and of course, getting the first look at some of the most interesting, luxurious, and beautiful jewellery in the world. I was successful in my role and raised revenues by more than 200% over the course of a few years, and to everyone on the outside, it must have looked like I was set in my role for life. And then I chose to walk away from it all.

Like all the most interesting journeys, mine hasn’t been straightforward. 

I started out in corporate service, a 19 year old trying to make a go of it in London. After about 6 months, I got a job as a buyer’s clerk and realised that I actually enjoyed the number and analysis side of retail, so I moved across into merchandising.

That still wasn’t the right fit though — I found that I wanted to be the one making the final decisions about the products and lines we sourced, so when I finally got the opportunity to become I buyer I jumped on it.

The funny thing is, I never really thought I would be involved with luxury jewellery. I would walk through the jewellery room at Harrods and think idly that it would be a lovely department to buy for, but I never took it seriously until one day a friend mentioned to me that the buyer’s job was up. I decided to go for it, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I didn’t know lapis from labradorite…

At least in the beginning. But I learned fast and I quickly fell in love with the whole field of luxury jewellery, from finding designers to learning about the technical aspects of the stones, to picking the perfect lines for the department. In many ways, it really was my dream job — I was surrounded by gorgeous jewellery all day, I got to meet so many interesting people, and I was able to let my analytical side out to play with the more technical aspects of retail.

But even more than all of that, the best part for me was learning about the deeper meanings and powers that the stones have — I became much more interested in my spiritual side and started to wonder what else might be out there beyond the material world. It was also around this time, after working for Harrods for several years that I started to dream about opening my own business.

so true!

Even comfort blankets can get scratchy.

I never thought I’d be employed by somebody else for as long as I have been. I constantly planned and thought and dreamt about how I could set up on my own, but having spent so long at Harrods, I felt it was my safe place! I had my amazing friends and colleagues, I loved physically spending time in the store, but eventually it got to the point where my ‘comfort blanket’ got scratchy. I set myself an exit date and decided to jump ship.

And now…

The Alkemistry is up and running, featuring designers that I have handpicked from around the world and pieces that are original and deeply luxurious, but also wearable enough for every day use. I’m loving running my own business, and finally feel like I’ve found my ‘home’ in the jewellery world.

And to anyone who’s thinking of jumping ship like I did: just go with your heart and don’t worry about what people will think. As long as you’re ready to put in the work along with your leap of faith, you’re unstoppable.

Now I’m asking you: what’s your big dream? Why not take our quiz and see which gemstone is waiting to help you reach it?

when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. So follow your dreams (:

Tuesday 7 April 2015


Quote 1 - Paracelus

I’ve Kept This Secret for a Long Time. Now I’m Sharing It With You.

For the past few years I’ve been keeping a very precious secret — my dream of a luxury jewellery store with an alluring twist. And as the best dreams do, mine eventually grew into some very intensive and exciting planning. Finally, today’s the day that I pull back the curtains and share my secret dream with the world: The Alkemistry. 

Here’s what you should know:

It is my deepest wish that every person who comes into contact with The Alkemistry walks away feeling better for it. I created it as a place for curious women with a love of luxury to come and find original, wearable jewellery that enhances their beauty inside and out.

It’s a jewellery store, not a museum

There’s nothing I hate more than walking into a jewellery store that’s pretending to be a museum. You know, the ones where you walk in and the store is very quiet, there are people in dark suits standing around the edges of the room watching you as you peek into a few cases, and after about two minutes it all becomes so uncomfortable that you just want to leave.

To me, that’s not what luxury jewellery is about. Choosing jewellery should be fun, personal, and interesting — not stuffy or stressful!

Our method

At The Alkemistry, we know that gemstones aren’t just rocks. Like everything in the universe — including you — they have a unique vibrational energy, which creates a variety of effects.

Likewise, you know that jewellery isn’t just jewellery. You know how you feel when you’re wearing your “first date” earrings or that ring that’s been passed down to you from your great grandmother. It’s a reminder, a touchstone to connect you with a feeling and a memory.

With this in mind, we use the esoteric sciences of numerology and astrology to match you with those pieces that will most enhance and empower you. Numerology was originally taught by the Greek mathematician Pythagoras, who believed that everything in the world has an essence that can be related to a number. We determine life number, which sums up who you are, as well as your year number, which tells you where you are in one of life’s nine year cycles. Additionally, we recommend products that are based on the position of the stars at the time of your birth, which is more accurate than the traditional birthstone method.

Not just any designer will do…

As you can imagine, this means that we are extremely picky about the designers and pieces that we feature.

We know that you can go to a lot of different places to buy fine jewellery — London’s certainly not short on luxury goods! But it’s surprisingly hard to find gorgeous top-shelf jewellery that is striking enough to stand out but wearable enough for every day, and even harder to find jewellery that is made to be luxurious but still have an eye towards the soul.

Any designer we work with will create feminine, original, and wearable work, because we only want to give you the exquisitely high quality you want, the beauty you love, and the spiritual side you so often miss out on in daily life.

So have a look around and find that perfect piece you’ve been searching for — or take our quiz and see what the stars have planned for you!