Having a Gemologue with Liza Urla

Liza Ulra gemologue

Here at the Alkemistry we love to explore, inspire and excite, not just through our amazing selection of jewellery, but through our relationships with inspirational individuals in the industry.

Liza Urla is a jewellery writer, stylist, creative muse and the brains behind the award winning blog gemologue.com .In between travelling the world consulting on fine jewellery, art directing editorials and working as a contributor for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, she had time to sit down with us and talk through her favourite Alkemistry pieces. .

Liza, you are a life number 7 (The Thinker), someone who contemplates everything in life. What is taking up your thoughts at present in your life?

I am a born thinker, so I try hard not to overthink and live day by day. My head is always filled with thoughts about discovering jewellery so that takes me on different journeys every day.

Based on The Alkemistry reading, which piece resonates with you the most and why?

I love to awaken my intuition and develop my spiritual side, so striking blue sapphires we’re a perfect choice. I already own some pieces that incorporate this precious stone, therefore this reading has confirmed my choice of jewels according to numerology and astrology as the means to enhance and empower me. Sapphire and white gold pieces by Meira T are the epitome of both my perfect combination in jewellery style and astrology readings.

Which item in your personal jewellery collection has the most sentiment and why? 

Two rings of exact same design but set with Tahitian pearls of different sizes. When I was in Florence with my parents for their 20th anniversary, my father and mother went looking for gifts for each other separately. When they returned to the hotel in the evening, it transpired that both of them bought almost identical rings from the same jeweller – only the pearls were slightly different in size. My mother bought a smaller ring for herself, and my father bought a larger ring for her. Just to think – there are millions of jewels up for sale in Florence!

What’s your favourite Alkemistry brand and why?

Meira T. I am currently the face of the brand! The pieces are delicate, beautifully crafted and so versatile that they can be worn every day, either at a cocktail party or on the beach.

Liza’s top 5 picks – 

Didi FB CF 2Meira T Blue sapphire jewellery for confidenceRedline diamond illusion bracelet black thread and white gold Nada G Jewellery triple finger ringDana Rebecca Blue sapphire white gold necklace