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Orion by The Alkemistry Necklace

The Orion Bracelet

The Orion collection honours two dimensions of your astrological alignment.

The gemstone centrepiece, reflects the ruling planet of your sun sign. Orbiting the gemstone is a diamond, measured to perfectly reflect the ratio of the moon to the earth and positioned just as the moon was on the day of your birth.

Either choose your unique cosmic blueprint formed into a bracelet, or become your own alchemist and design a bracelet which is aligned to your desired intention.

For our full list of gemstone and constellation meanings, head to our personalised collection page.

To discover which combination the constellations designed for you, go to our bespoke selection page.

Handmade in London, each piece is made-to-order, please allow 5-7 working days for delivery.

Measurements: Chain length 7″ adjustable to 6″ and 5.5″, Gemstone 8x8mm, Diamond 2mm VS1 brilliant cut


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