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The Orion Collection

The Orion Collection by The Alkemistry connects the infinite majesty of the stars with your own personal story.

Handmade in London, each piece is crafted in rose, yellow, or white gold and is entirely customised to the individual.

Designed as a necklace and bracelet, by using your date and time of your birth, one of nine gemstones is selected according to the ruling planet of your sun sign. Orbiting the gemstone is a brilliant-cut diamond, measured to perfectly to reflect the ratio of the moon to the earth and positioned just as the moon was on the day of your birth.

To discover which design is aligned to you, find your unique selection.

Or to create your own cosmic magic: select the gemstone and constellation of your choice to harness their power.

Gemstones – Your Sun Sign

Citrine (Leo)

Aligned with the Sun, wear Citrine to intensify your creativity and willpower.

Moonstone (Cancer)

Aligned with the Moon, wear Moonstone to connect with your optimism and joy. 

Blue Lace Agate (Gemini & Virgo)

Aligned with Mercury, wear Blue Lace Agate to help you communicate your wisdom and enhance your clear thinking.

Pink Opal (Taurus & Libra)

Aligned with Venus, wear Pink Opal to enhance your diplomatic and kind energy, and expand your generous and loving heart.

Garnet (Scorpio & Aries)

Aligned with Mars, wear Garnet to enhance  your ambition and courage and  boost your passion and determination. 

Lapis Luzuli (Sagittarius)

Aligned with Jupiter, wear Lapis Lazuli to embrace your refreshing honest optimism.

Aquamarine (Aquarius)

Aligned with Uranus, wear Aquamarine to embolden your independent and true voice.

Turquoise (Pisces)

Aligned with Neptune, wear Turquoise to enhance your compassion and intuition.

Black Striped Onyx (Capricorn)

Aligned with Saturn, wear Black Striped Onyx to support your strength and persistence.

Diamond Position – Your Moon Sign


You have the sheer grit and determination to achieve great things.


Caring and humanitarian, and good at finding fortune.


You have a quick, witty and restless mind, with a gift for communication.


You experience life with intensity, and connect easily with others.


A star quality: you’re bright, charming and completely unmissable.


Enjoying hard work, you’re practical and diligent with very high standards.


Caring, harmonious and great with people, you enjoy the simple beauty of life.


You seek intimacy and are fiercely loyal, but hide your emotions.


Expansive, inquisitive and optimistic, you seek opportunities to grow.


All the attributes to be a great success: you’re capable and determined.


You can read people and situations, and have an unexpected dash of rebellion.


You feel and see more than most, embracing your intuition and creativity.