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About Astrology

For thousands of years, different cultures and traditions from around the world have looked to the night sky for guidance.

Astrology is the ancient study of planets and constellations, how they constantly move in relation to the earth and how this cosmic dance affects us on a personal level. From full moon craziness to star crossed lovers and technology thwarting retrogrades – the far reaching power of the planets impacts our everyday/modern lives.

Know thyself? At The Alkemistry we honour two important dimensions of your astrological alignment – your sun and moon sign. You can harness the power of your astrological blueprint by wearing gemstones that are energetically connected to the constellations which shape your life.

Discover your unique astrological alignment and head to our personalised selection page or to unfold the knowledge of your sun & moon sign and what they mean for you, please continue……


Star Sign

Most people know their star (or sun) sign. We look up our sign for horoscopes, check out compatibility with a new partner and know our strengths from our zodiac traits. Based on the position of the sun at birth, star signs represent our masculine energy (which both males and females embody). It is your outward personality traits and conscious actions. But this only tells half the story.



Moon Sign

The lesser talked about moon sign is equally important to gaining cosmic insights. Like star signs, moon signs also fall into one of the 12 zodiacs. The moon represents your feminine side, your subconscious, the person you are when no one is watching. It rules your emotions, your needs, your insecurities and most importantly your instincts.



Sun signs

Aries – Aligned with Mars, wear Garnet to enhance your ambition and courage.

Taurus – Aligned with Venus, wear Pink Opal to expand your generous and loving heart.

Gemini – Aligned with Mercury, wear Blue Lace Agate to help you communicate your wisdom.

Cancer – Aligned with the Moon, wear Moonstone to connect with your optimism and joy.

Leo – Aligned with the Sun, wear Citrine to intensify your creativity and willpower.

Virgo – Aligned with Mercury, wear Blue Lace Agate to drive your clear thinking into practice.

Libra – Aligned with Venus, wear Pink Opal to enhance your diplomatic and kind energy.

Scorpio – Aligned with Mars, wear Garnet to boost your passion and determination.

Sagittarius – Aligned with Jupiter, wear Lapis Lazuli to embrace your refreshing honest optimism.

Capricorn – Aligned with Saturn, wear Black Striped Onyx to support your strength and persistence.

Aquarius – Aligned with Uranus, wear Aquamarine to embolden your independent and true voice.

Pisces – Aligned with Neptune, wear Turquoise to enhance your compassion and intuition.


Moon Signs

Aries – You have the sheer grit and determination to achieve great things.

Taurus – Caring and humanitarian, and good at finding fortune.

Gemini – You have a quick, witty and restless mind, with a gift for communication.

Cancer – You experience life with intensity, and connect easily with others.

Leo – A star quality: you’re bright, charming and completely unmissable.

Virgo – Enjoying hard work, you’re practical and diligent with very high standards.

Libra – Caring, harmonious and great with people, you enjoy the simple beauty of life.

Scorpio – You seek intimacy and are fiercely loyal, but hide your emotions.

Sagittarius – Expansive, inquisitive and optimistic, you seek opportunities to grow.

Capricorn – All the attributes to be a great success: you’re capable and determined.

Aquarius – You can read people and situations, and have an unexpected dash of rebellion.

Pisces – You feel and see more than most, embracing your intuition and creativity.