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About Alchemy

The ancient royal art of alchemy has been practised on behalf of kings and princes for thousands of years.

From 27th century BC China to the Roman Empire during the 17th century, humans have shown devotion to this artform. But what exactly is alchemy? It is both the art of making medicines and potions and the quest for immortality. In the Western world alchemy is associated with the quest for the legendary Philosopher’s Stone, which transmutes base metals into gold. 

Alchemist are seekers of perfection, in everything that they work with, including, and most especially, their own souls. While the alchemistic philosophers spoke in terms of chemicals, furnaces, flasks, and beakers, they were really talking about the changes taking place within their own bodies, minds and souls. Personal alchemy is the perfecting of the journey to embracing your true inner self. This is why it is also known as ‘The Great Work’. These alchemy principles are just as current today with in modern spirituality, where we are trying to find the true gold and preciousness in ourselves.

Become your own alchemist and start your modern mystic journey, by delving into the ancient arts of astrology and numerology to find out how the stars and elements can guide you, through a personalised reading.